Custom Wood Sign Workshop!
Custom Wood Sign Workshop!
Custom Wood Sign Workshop!


06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Carla Roy

The Canvas Roadshow (NEW LOCATION!)


Join us for a super fun way to create a beautiful piece for your home (or a great gift).  Our wood sign workshops are lead step by step by our artists, helping you select and blend colors, teaching techniques and encouraging you the whole way through this two hour class. They are super fun and popular, be sure to enroll soon.

To enroll, pick the size of your project (and shape) and mark in the notes what your saying will be. You can see designs here: 

We cut the stencils in advance of the class so please let us know. Cut off is the evening before the event. If it's last minute and you want to jump into a class, please call 603.943.2103 to see if we can make it happen for you. 

If you want a totally new design/saying, we can make this happen for you for a creation fee of $25. We ask for a week's notice. 

We look forward to seeing you in our studio to Paint, Create and DIY!

Order food from TBones on our website to be brought over and enjoy while you paint! Must be ordered by noon the day of the event so the kitchen has time to prepare it along with their restaurant's orders. You can add on, too, with a phone call to 603.943/2103. See the items in the order list below!

Please arrive at the designated time, get settled and get your snacks and beverages. We do sell wine and beer as well as soft drinks. We will begin once all painters have joined us. (unless someone's really late...then we catch them up!)

Let us know if you have a special celebration.  We do our best to seat everyone together; if you are part of a group send us a message so we are aware. 

All materials and apron included in the enrollment fee.  We look forward to painting with you!


Carla Roy


The Canvas Roadshow (NEW LOCATION!)
25 South River Road
Bedford, New Hampshire, 03110


18 x 24" pallet sign 6/30 6pm
15" round sign 6/30 6pm
11 x 13" pallet sign 6/30 6pm
24 x 11" pallet sign 6/30 6pm
12 x 18" sign 6/30 6pm
14 x 3" sign 6/30 6pm
Custom Design (add on creation fee for totally new design, name changes are free)
Apps from TBones: Fiesta Time! * 1 Order Espinachos * 1 Order Chicken Quesadilla * 1 Order Buffalo Chicken Tenders
Apps from TBones: Be Appy! * 1 Order Maple Citrus Wings * 1 Order Espinachos * 1 Order Buffalo Chicken Tenders * 1 Order Chicken Quesadilla * Two loaves fresh bread w/ butter
Apps from From TBones: A Lot of This & That * 2 Orders of Appetizer Sampler * Greek Flatbread Pizza * Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza * Two loaves Fresh bread w/ Butter